Do you know where your files are saved?

An abundant number of resize tools are readily available online. But do you really know where your file goes once you upload it?

With EZResize, you get to resize your image and have the option to save it locally on your hard drive OR save your encrypted data to your EZResize storage.

How does this all work?

Under the hood, EZResize is powered by Blockstack, a new internet for decentralized apps.

The Blockstack team has developed a decentralized high-performance storage system to allow users to store their data wherever they please. Include but not limited to S3, Azure, etc. They have also created the foundation to allow users to encrypt and decrypt their data.

EZResize will never have access to your images and all files uploaded will be 100% encrypted.

To learn more about Blockstack click here



Height and Width Control

EZResize will choose the best dimensions to ensure you get the best aspect ratio while trying to preserve your desired dimensions



All files saved in EZResize Storage is 100% encrypted


Data Ownership

Take control of your data. Images will never be lost for someone else to find.